The Haunted Museum of Portable Sound Returns!

Unlocking a Crypt of Cacophony Wed 27 November – Mon 1 November!

The mysterious PHANTOM CURATOR is unlocking the Haunted Museum of Portable Sound once again this year, bringing a whole host of spooky sounds, creepy cacophonies, and terrifying tunes to entertain you this Halloween!

This year’s Haunted exhibition for adults will focus on the world of EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomenon, a specialty of investigators of the paranormal dating back to 1959 and the mysterious off-air recordings made by Swedish painter Friedrich Jürgenson who believed he was hearing voices from beyond the grave!

For families, we’ve got sounds from the classic Walt Disney sound effects library, field recordings of bats and crows, and some eerie wax cylinder recordings – some of the earliest sounds ever recorded!

Your Online Tour of Terror will be hosted by THE PHANTOM CURATOR, a mysterious caretaker of collections who will guide you through one of the most unique Zoom meetings you’re likely to ever experience!

Simply buy your tickets in advance, then Contact Us to arrange your appointment in our Digital Dungeon!