MOPS in the Media

Here’s a collection of media appearances featuring the Museum of Portable Sound and our Director, John Kannenberg.

A Loopy Library of Sounds Features Sprinklers, Sirens, and Freud’s Toilet
Atlas Obscura

The travel and culture website published a feature story on our museum’s decision to begin offering online visits.

The Unlikely Cassette Comeback

Our Director was interviewed by WIRED UK for an article about the renaissance of the compact cassette tape.

The Sony Walkman Turns 40
Associated Press

Our Director was interviewed outside Abbey Road Studios in London for the 40th anniversary of the Sony Walkman.

The Future of Silence
BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme

Our Director interviewed by BBC correspondent David Sillito about the future of institutional silence.

Brown University’s Public Work
A public humanities podcast

This podcast features an interview with our Director conducted by Ruby Thiagarajan.