What is the Museum of Portable Sound?

Since 2015, we’re a museum you listen to – exhibiting hundreds of sounds recorded around the world!

(Our recordings are kept on a mobile phone, not in a building – and not online.)

Our sounds are organised by topic – the same way other museums exhibit visual objects.

Our visitors make an appointment – with us and themselves – to listen!

(Visit online or meet us in person – alone or in a group!)

We also host temporary exhibitions!

Here’s What Some of Our Visitors Say:

‘A thing of beauty!’


‘An amazing project – magical.’

Judith Clark

‘Has changed the way I’ll think about every museum I visit going forward.’

—Kevin McKinney

‘I’ve never thought about sound in this way before!’

—First Year Student, Bournemouth Film School

‘The coolest thing I’ve done in a long time!’

—Dominique Russell

‘*****, would go back’

—Seth Cluett

‘Plays with sound as media and media as sound…investigates the many facets of a young and quickly evolving culture of sound and listening.’

—Reviews in Digital Humanities

What Else Do We Do?

We offer classes & workshops, organise conferences, and publish things about sound.

We also keep a Physical Objects Collection, a Research Library, and a Video Gallery.

As Seen In A PhD

Our Director was awarded a PhD from University of the Arts London for this museum and the thesis he wrote about its creation, Listening to Museums: Sounds as Objects of Culture and Curatorial Care!

Latest News

We bring the culture & history of sound beyond music to the world, one listener at a time.

Who We Are

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