Museum of Portable Sound in the Media

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“I Want to Examine Sound’s Relationship with as Much of the World as Possible”

Extensive interview with our Director as well as a review of the MOPS online visiting experience.

‘Watch the Nutcracker and Listen to NASA’s Golden Record’
The New York Times

See the listing in the New York Times print edition!

Our temporary exhibition SOUNDS OF EARTH – The Record That Went To Space was featured in the 2020 holiday edition of the New York Times At Home calendar.

REVIEW: The Museum of Portable Sound
Reviews in Digital Humanities

An in-depth review of our museum from a Digital Humanities perspective, by Rebecca Gates.

How To Make, Episode 3: The History of Headphones
BBC 4 Television

Our Director presented a brief history of headphones in this BBC television series presented by Zoe Laughlin of the Institute of Making.

Breaking the (Museum of) Sound Barrier: An Interview with John Kannenberg
Curator: The Museums Journal

A conversation with our Director conducted by Katherine Richmond, published as part of a special issue focused on sound in museums.

A Loopy Library of Sounds Features Sprinklers, Sirens, and Freud’s Toilet
Atlas Obscura

The travel and culture website published a feature story on our museum’s decision to begin offering online visits.

The Future of Silence
BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme

Our Director interviewed by BBC correspondent David Sillito about the future of institutional silence.

Brown University’s Public Work
A public humanities podcast

This podcast features an interview with our Director conducted by Ruby Thiagarajan.

The Sony Walkman Turns 40
Associated Press

Our Director was interviewed outside Abbey Road Studios in London for the 40th anniversary of the Sony Walkman.

The Unlikely Cassette Comeback

Our Director was interviewed by WIRED UK for an article about the renaissance of the compact cassette tape.

Marking a Quarter Century of MP3
Radio Survivor Podcast

Our Director discusses the tangled histories of the MP3 format with hosts Paul Riismandel and Jennifer Waits while promoting our free online exhibition MP3@25, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the MP3 format which occurred in July 2020.

The Revolution will be Digitised: 25 Years of the MP3
Attack Magazine

Our Director is interviewed about the history of the MP3 for its 25th anniversary.

Why You Can’t Visit the Museum of Portable Sound

A profile feature on how our museum used to be visited in person before the age of COVID-19.

Museum of…Portable Sound
Museums Journal

Our first-ever media profile, in the professional journal of the London-based Museums Association.

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