Not Sure If That Thing You Just Made Is Sound Art? We Can Help.

Panel 1: Confused artist unsure of whether they have made a piece of Sound Art or not
Panel 2: Same artist now free of confusion, holding up the Museum of Portable Sound 'Is It "Sound Art"?' Flowchart
PLEASE NOTE: The Museum of Portable Sound accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to art career or funding opportunities through use of this flowchart. Use at your own risk. If thoughts about Sound Art persist please consult a physician, pharmacist, or therapist. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The “Is It ‘Sound Art’?” Flowchart is here!

(NOTE: The watermarked MOPS logo will not appear on any of the merchandise you purchase!)

This handy flowchart will help you and your friends solve the eternal question “Is it ‘Sound Art’?” by walking you through a rigorous step-by-step deductive process to pinpoint exactly where whatever it is you’re listening to belongs in the Sound Art canon. Use it during studio visits, classroom critiques, at private views, during concerts, or any time you think you might potentially have discovered a new example of ‘Sound Art’!

The ‘Is it “Sound Art”?’ Flowchart Really Works. But You Don’t Have To Take Our Word For It.

Endorsed by leading experts in the pages of The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sound Art, our flowchart can be found gracing t-shirts, posters, greeting cards, mugs, stickers, tote bags, pillows, pouches, and more – all available for purchase in the official Museum of Portable Sound Gift Shop at Redbubble.

Rarely has it been so easy to determine the empirical essence of something so elusive, transitory, and ephemeral as ‘Sound Art’ – but now, with the Museum of Portable Sound’s official “Is It ‘Sound Art’?” Flowchart, you too can define the undefinable in just a few simple steps!

So what are you waiting for? Order today – our operators are standing by!

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