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Four images of people visiting the Museum of Portable Sound: two people in their homes, visiting online; a woman visiting in-person at a coffee shop; a group of people visiting together inside the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.
Whether online or in person, you get a personalised guided tour from our Director & Chief Curator, who meets with every visitor!

We are OPEN for both Online & In Person Visits!

In-person visits in Southsea or London can be arranged by Contacting Us.
Learn more about In Person Visits.

Our Chief Curator is available to host LIVE video chat visits daily from 10am-10pm London time.

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Thank You

How to Book Your Visit:

1. Contact Us. Tell us what day & time you'd like to visit, and what time zone you are located in. We'll confirm if we're available. Click here to fill out our Contact Form!
2. Buy Your Tickets. Once you purchase your tickets, we'll send you a Zoom link for our agreed date & time. Click here to buy tickets!
3. Download the Guide. Make sure to download & review our FREE Online Visitor Guide PDF before you visit. Click here to get it!

Buy Tickets!

Guarantee your time slot – Pay your admission fee at least 24 hours in advance.

(Children 10 years & under FREE)

Booking a Group of 3-5 or more?

Contact Us and we’ll get back to you with pricing & instructions for purchasing your tickets.

How Do Our Online Visits Work?

A large headline reads: 'Our Online Visits are Just Like a Zoom Meeting Except They're Actually Fun & You Learn Stuff.'

A screenshot of a Zoom meeting between a young woman in China and our museum's Chief Curator has the caption: 'Visit Alone...'

Another caption: '...Or In A Group!" accompanies another Zoom screenshot, this time of a meeting between our Chief Curator and five other people – a group of women and men, each of them in a different location.
(Honestly, our online visits are just Zoom meetings!)

We use Zoom to meet our Online Visitors – our Chief Curator will meet with you personally and play whatever sounds in our collection you would like to hear! He’s also happy to answer questions and chat about our sounds, or sound in general!

Our Online Visitors listen to our sound objects directly from the original MOPS iPhone 4S, just like our in-person visitors!

Our Online Visits can also include demonstrations of items in our Physical Objects Collection – our Chief Curator is a great storyteller, too!

These visitors were shocked to learn that the device our Chief Curator was showing them was not a portable CD player but was, in fact, a pre-iPod MP3 player!

Group Visit? No problem!

If you would like to book a visit with a group larger than two people, just let us know and we will help you purchase a group ticket. Booking an Online Group Visit is a great way to reunite with with friends and family around the world while doing a fun activity together!

And don’t forget to wear headphones if you can, as the sounds will be much clearer if you do.

How Long Do Visits Last?

At our museum, time is on your side – we let you stay as long as you want!

It’s up to you! Our visits are highly interactive and improvisational, so how long you stay depends on how many sounds you listen to. On average, visits tend to last between 1–1.5 hours, but have lasted longer. Our visitors are often shocked at how quickly their time flies…

A collage of photographs with a large logo in the centre, a globe with the words 'City Tours' underneath it. The photos show representative scenes from six cities: Cairo, Chicago, Lisbon, London, Rome & Venice.
Among other Guided Tours, we offer a series of City Tours featuring sounds from Cairo, Chicago, Lisbon, London, Rome & Venice. Consult our FREE Online Visitor Guide for details.

There’s no ‘standard visit’ – we do offer a number of pre-selected Guided Tours to choose from (which you can learn about in our FREE Online Visitor Guide), but most visitors tend to wander around our Permanent Collection Galleries sampling a little bit bit of everything! Your visit will be entirely unique and catered to your own interests – just like visiting any other museum.

Get Ready For Your Online Visit: Download Our Guide!

We’ve prepared this FREE Online Visitor Guide so you can get acquainted with our museum before you arrive, and then use it as a reference guide while you visit!

Our Online Visitor Guide includes:
• Museum Map
• 11 Guided Tours
• Permanent Collection Object List


Gift Cards

Get a GIFT CARD! Valid for one standard Adult Admission (£10). Just add the email address of the card recipient to the Comments field in the PayPal checkout. We’ll take care of sending the card to your intended recipient and let you know when we’ve sent it!


Feel free to contact us!

PLEASE NOTE: The recording and redistribution of Museum of Portable Sound online visits is strictly prohibited.


Screen shot of an actual tweet by Dr Emily MarkFitzGerald, Head of Art History & Cultural Policy at University College Dublin, dated 15 May 2020, wherein she states: "This is possibly the best museum transition online I have ever encountered"

While you’re here…

…we need your help. For four years, we have managed to keep admission to the Museum of Portable Sound free for all. But this model hasn’t proven to be sustainable. If you value what we do, and would like to help us continue to fulfil our mission of bringing the culture of sound to the world one visitor at a time, please consider making a donation or supporting us long-term on Patreon.

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