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The Museum of Portable Sound Gallery Guide (3rd Edition) is the book our visitors use to lead them on their journey around our museum – and now you can purchase your own copy! This 288-page, full colour book not only guides the reader through our collections, it also serves as a cross-disciplinary introduction to the culture of sound.

Part museum guide, part textbook, and part memoir, this lavish publication belongs on the shelf of anyone interested in sound’s place within the world of culture – or anyone interested in expanding the notion of what a museum is and can be in the 21st century.

Some of its many features include:

• Director’s welcome
• Chief Curator Top 40
• SOUND: An Extremely Brief Introduction
• A Brief History of Field Recording
• 25 Listening Close-Ups take you in-depth into a variety of topics like wire recording, the modern microphone, the history of earplugs, the singing statue at Thebes, echolocation, Rice Krispies cereal, and more
• A Timeline of Portable Sound Technologies
• Selfie Zones: Demarcated areas within the museum near some of our most important objects where visitors are encouraged to share their learning experiences via social media
• All-new Museum Exit featuring the Joseph Fourier Commemorative Sine Wave Staircase
• Complete Object List
• Complete Physical Objects Collection Catalogue
• The Collected #PortableSoundPoll Results
• Reading List
• 76-item Glossary of Terms


Previous Gallery Guides:
2nd Print Edition (2017)
Summer 2016 (featuring Jessica Akerman)
Autumn 2015 (featuring Ryan Maguire)

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