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to the culture of sound.

And actually fun!

Our Group Tours take your students, staff, friends, or family on a journey of resonance and wonder – across subjects like natural history, the invention of audio recording, archaeology, the early days of digital technology, art & architecture, urbanism, and popular culture.

We’ll show you a whole new way to think about sound, via its connections to culture and everyday life. And we can do it in person, online, or blended. We’ve been giving tours since 2015, and hosting them online since April 2020.

Our Group Tours are led by our museum’s Chief Curator, whose informal and engaging presentation style lets your group know immediately that this will be unlike any other museum tour they’ve ever seen.

What happens in a MOPS Group Tour?

By unpacking our institution’s origins as creative practice-based research, our tours introduce your group to a unique perspective on the world of sound, taking them on a whirlwind tour of unexpected ideas.

MOPS 101

We start with a brief audiovisual history of our museum – how and why it started, plus the thought process behind its unconventional design.


Because our collections span a vast number of subjects, we tailor our tours for your group’s perspective with sounds and physical objects curated specifically with your interests in mind.


Our tours often provoke more questions than we’ll have time to answer – making them a catalyst for ongoing thought and exchange.

“I’ve never thought about sound in this way before!”

Student, SRH Hochschule der populären Künste 

“Super fascinating!”

Student, Bournemouth Film School 

“This is the coolest thing I’ve done in a long time!”

London museum professional 

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