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Adult Colouring-In Book

Relax, learn & create! Colour your stress away while learning about the history of portable sound devices in this unique paperback colouring-in book for adults! Sold via Blurb.

The How and Why Wonder Book of Sound Audio Book

The How and Why Wonder Book of Sound (Audiobook)

Stream for free or name your price to download our slightly annotated audio version of this classic 1960s children’s book – great for adults, too! Sold via Bandcamp.

Gallery Guide 3rd Edition eBook

Gallery Guide 3rd Edition (eBook)

Get a PDF eBook of our latest Gallery Guide for a bargain price! It’s all the content of our printed Gallery Guide – without the paper cuts. Sold via Etsy.

Gallery Guide 3rd Edition (Print Book)

Grab hold of our Classic Print Edition of our latest Gallery Guide! This gorgeously designed, 288 page book features hundreds of colour photos and illustrations, waveforms of every sound object in our collection, and so much more – it’s essentially an introductory textbook to the cross-disciplinary culture of sound! Sold via Blurb.

Take a whiz-bang fast tour of the whole Gallery Guide with this video tour!

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