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What is the Museum of Portable Sound?

The Museum of Portable Sound (est. November 2015) is a portable museum dedicated to portable sound based in London, UK. The Museum’s galleries consist of curated digital files located on the Museum Director‘s mobile phone. Displays of our permanent collection are augmented with an ongoing series of temporary exhibits in our Exposition Space. The Museum also holds a small Physical Object Collection related to portable sound.

The Museum’s Education Department offers continuing education classes related to sound and museums. We have also participated in educational programmes at the Courtauld Institute, the Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums, and Blossom House School in Motspur Park.

Museums Journal profile - Feb. 2017Learn more about the Museum: read the profile that was published in the February 2017 issue of Museums Journal.

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Learn More About Us:

• Read our Mission Statement

• Get to know our Museum Staff

• Meet our Board of Directors

• Read Reviews

• Listen to our Podcasts

• Read our online Magazine


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