When you donate to the Museum of Portable Sound, it allows us to continue offering outreach events like our Listening to Museums educational course.

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When you donate to the Museum of Portable Sound, you help us continue our mission to bring the culture of sound to the world.

Your donations help us with important expenses such as:

• Printing maps, business cards, and our Gallery Guide

• Travel for museum visits and lectures

• Venue hire for private views and other special events

Please choose your own donation amount via PayPal – every little bit helps!

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Sound Donations

The Museum does not currently accept unsolicited field recordings for its Permanent Collection.

Physical Object Donations

The Museum holds a small collection of physical objects related to the culture of sound. We do currently accept donations, however we only accept objects that we feel directly support the mission of our institution. We reserve the right to accept only those objects which fit this description; decisions on object donations are made on a case-by-case basis. Find out more about our Physical Object Collection.

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