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Did you come here for AuricleFest Tickets?

We’re sorry, but AURICLEFEST is actually a pretend festival – the above poster teaches the names of the parts of the outer, middle, and inner ear by pretending they’re the names of heavy metal bands.

There may not be a real AuricleFest, but we’re a real museum – and we need your help. If you can, please donate what you would have paid for a ticket to AuricleFest to the Museum of Portable Sound instead, using the donation button below – help us continue to bring the culture of sound to the world, one listener at a time!

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Physical Object Donations

The Museum holds a small collection of physical objects related to the culture of sound. We currently accept physical object donations, however we only accept objects that we feel directly support the mission of our institution.

We reserve the right to accept only those objects which fit this description; decisions on object donations are made on a case-by-case basis. Find out more about our Physical Object Collection.

Questions? Please contact us!

Sound Donations

The Museum does not currently accept unsolicited field recordings for its Permanent Collection.