Portable Sound in Cinema: 1979–2000

21 March 2018 – 20 March 2020


Exposition Space is the Museum of Portable Sound’s temporary exhibit gallery. The Exposition Space is housed in our Frank Gehry Wing along with our exclusive Members Room.

Our fourth exhibition was entitled Portable Sound In Cinema 1979-2000. This critical survey of portable sound devices in late 20th Century cinema was curated by Museum of Portable Sound Director and Chief Curator John Kannenberg.

The exhibition consisted of a 16 minute montage of film clips detailing the use of portable sound devices in films. Foremost a tracing of the Hollywood history of the boombox, the exhibition also features the Walkman, the Compact Disc, the LP record, the Microcassette Recorder, and the MiniDisc, to examine themes of race, power, gender, and love.

Portable Sound In Cinema 1979-2000 opened to the public on 21 March 2018, and closed on 20 March 2020.

Find out more about this exhibition – Download the exhibition catalogue. A free printed copy of the exhibition catalogue was provided for visitors.

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