Our 2,000th Visitor!

A screenshot of the Zoom meeting during which we welcomed our 2,000th visitor, all the way from Manila, the Philippines!
The moment we announced one of today’s three online visitors was the lucky 2,000th visitor!

MUSEUM OF PORTABLE SOUND LABORATORIES, SOUTHSEA – This morning we welcomed a group of three online visitors to our museum who took a guided tour. As a result:

• Today we welcomed our first visitors of 2023;

• Today we welcomed our first visitors based in the Philippines;

• Today we welcomed the 2,000th person to visit our museum since it opened on 11 November 2015!

Curator, scholar, artist and 2,000th Museum of Portable Sound visitor Dayang will receive a package of FABULOUS PRIZES commemorating this milestone in our institution’s history.

We’re absolutely thrilled to finally reach this milestone in the museum’s history, and the fact that this was a fantastic group of artists and academics from universities in Manila made it even more enjoyable. This group was so engaged, curious, and eager to discuss the world of sound that the time just flew by.

This visit acted as a dry run for our upcoming appearance this summer at the second Listening Biennial, where we will offer a guided tour as part of the Biennial’s events taking place in Manila.

We can’t wait to deliver our 2,000th visitor’s fabulous prize package, which we’ll post about once it’s all packed and ready to go!

Published by Dr John Kannenberg

John Kannenberg is an artistic researcher whose work investigates sounds as museological objects. Via an acoustemological approach, he considers the histories and cultures surrounding sounds, the technologies that generate or record them, and the auditors who hear or listen to them. He holds a PhD in sound & museums from the University of the Arts London, as well as a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art degree and Graduate Certification in Museum Studies from the University of Michigan. He is Director and Chief Curator of The Museum of Portable Sound. Learn more about his work at https://www.johnkannenberg.com.

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