MOPS Director Talks Death of the iPod on Sky News

MOPS Director John Kannenberg, wearing a pair of original iPod earbuds, was interviewed by Sky News correspondent Inzamam Rashid.

LIVERPOOL/SOUTHSEA – Museum of Portable Sound Director John Kannenberg appeared on the 10 o’clock News on Sky News last night as part of a three minute segment marking the death of the iPod.

Apple announced on Tuesday, 10 May that it would cease production of the 7th generation iPod Touch, the last remaining model of iPod still manufactured by the home computing and electronics giant.

Sky News correspondent Inzamam Rashid in Liverpool commemorated the end of the line for the iPod, including a brief statement by our Director about the iPod’s rapid expansion beyond its original remit as a portable sound device to the all-in-one multimedia machine it became before Apple made its own signature product redundant with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007:

Only three years after the original iPod, Apple added video functionality…which gave everyone a little portable television that they carried with them everywhere.”

While it would have been nice if our Director had said something about sound instead of video, we’ll take what we can get.

The segment ends with two views of our museum’s Physical Objects Collection, including a small display of selections from our iPod–related holdings. Of interest to long time followers of our museum is a small ‘easter egg’ included in the first shot: just barely visible behind our packaged 1st gen iPod Shuffle stands the iPhone TC, a tin can telephone we first reported on back on 1 April this year.

The iPhone TC, Apple’s “most sustainable iPhone ever”, appearing on Sky News at 10pm last night.
The original iPhone TC advert we published as an April Fool’s Day joke earlier this year.

Get to Know Our Collections!

The four collections held by the Museum of Portable Sound: Permanent Collection of Sounds, Physical Objects Collection, Research Library, and Video Gallery
We’ve got brand new pages on our website showcasing all four of our primary collections!

We’ve just completed a substantial update to our website: an all-new section about our Collections!

There are now individual pages dedicated to each of our four primary collections:

Read about how each collection got its start, look at behind-the-scenes photos, browse highlights of each collection, download PDF guides, and more!

Is the MOPS Conference Available to Watch Online?


Yes, we did record the MOPS Conference! But unless you bought a ticket, you won’t be able to watch it online for a little while yet.

We’re grateful that so many people want to watch our first-ever sound studies conference now that it’s over. And you’ll be able to – just not right away.

We’re a tiny independent museum that lacks external funding, so our ticket buyers are the only reason we were able to put on a conference and actually pay our guest speakers & judges. Plus we didn’t charge the presenters a registration fee – no ‘pay to play’ was involved.

Unlike some major cultural institutions, we believe in actually paying academics for their work – and not making paper presenters pay a fee to present (which would mean only people employed at a university, museum, etc. could afford to participate).

So we’d like to finish getting everything uploaded, and then give our ticket holders and presenters a chance to catch up on watching anything they missed first. We’ll open it up to the general public soon.

Thanks for your patience & understanding.

– MOPS management

Ecsite 2021 Conference Appearance

Earlier today our Director & Chief Curator appeared as part of The Power of Sound, a panel session that took place at the Ecsite European Network of Science Centres & Museums 2021 conference.

The session was convened by Michèle Antoine of Universcience in Paris, and also featured presentations about sound-based exhibitions by Mark Read of Universcience and Christian Rohr of Museum für Kommunikation in Bern, Switzerland.

The Power of Sound was attended by an impressive crowd of 115 people from Ecsite’s extensive network of science and technology professionals – breaking our record for the most number of visitors to our museum in a single day!

Our Director’s 10-minute presentation – which includes a short guided tour of our museum – is available to watch for a short time on our YouTube channel: