Why ‘Portable Sound’?

A headline reads 'Wht We Mean When We Talk About 'Portable Sound'.

A white box with rounded corners and a thick black outline contains a row of graphic black & white icons in a single row, each separated by a grey 'plus sign' (+). The icons from left to right represent: a microphone, a radio tower, headphones, a telegraph machine, a mobile phone, a person speaking, a written document, a comic-style 'POW!' sound effect, and a human ear.

“I thought ‘Museum of Portable Sound’ sounded equal parts legitimate and confusing, which in my mind was a huge advantage.”

Why are we called the Museum of ‘Portable Sound’? And what even IS ‘Portable Sound’?

Read a new interview with our Director & Chief Curator discussing the various meanings of what ‘portable sound’ means to our institution and why we chose it for our name.

Published by Dr John Kannenberg

John Kannenberg is an artistic researcher whose work investigates sounds as museological objects. Via an acoustemological approach, he considers the histories and cultures surrounding sounds, the technologies that generate or record them, and the auditors who hear or listen to them. He holds a PhD in sound & museums from the University of the Arts London, as well as a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art degree and Graduate Certification in Museum Studies from the University of Michigan. He is Director and Chief Curator of The Museum of Portable Sound. Learn more about his work at https://www.johnkannenberg.com.

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