Why ‘Portable Sound’?

A headline reads 'Wht We Mean When We Talk About 'Portable Sound'.

A white box with rounded corners and a thick black outline contains a row of graphic black & white icons in a single row, each separated by a grey 'plus sign' (+). The icons from left to right represent: a microphone, a radio tower, headphones, a telegraph machine, a mobile phone, a person speaking, a written document, a comic-style 'POW!' sound effect, and a human ear.

“I thought ‘Museum of Portable Sound’ sounded equal parts legitimate and confusing, which in my mind was a huge advantage.”

Why are we called the Museum of ‘Portable Sound’? And what even IS ‘Portable Sound’?

Read a new interview with our Director & Chief Curator discussing the various meanings of what ‘portable sound’ means to our institution and why we chose it for our name.