What To Expect Upon Your Arrival

PLEASE NOTE: This page refers to our pre-Coronavirus methodology for in-person visits. It remains here as an archival reference. See current information for our Online Visits.

If you’ve never visited our museum before, chances are you may not know what to expect when you arrive.

That’s why we’ve put together the handy guide below that identifies everything that awaits you during a standard Museum Of Portable Sound visit.



  1. MOPS mobile phone
  2. MOPS Gallery Guide book
  3. MOPS Map
  4. Temporary Exhibition Catalogue (if applicable)
  5. Welcome Sign
  6. Discreet Donation Box
  7. Museum Director’s Beverage
  8. Coat Check Ticket Book
  9. Visitor Counter (‘clicker’)
  10. Museum Director

Note that items from our Physical Object Collection may also be viewed during any visit; simply request which item(s) you’d like to see when booking your visit, and our staff will make them available to you.

While you’re here…

…we need your help. For four years, we have managed to keep admission to the Museum of Portable Sound free for all. But this model hasn’t proven to be sustainable. If you value what we do, and would like to help us continue to fulfil our mission of bringing the culture of sound to the world one visitor at a time, please consider making a donation or supporting us long-term on Patreon.



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